Redoubt of Sundering – Halo Infinite Guide

Redoubt of Sundering – Halo Infinite Guide

The Redoubt of Sundering is a Banished Outpost that you can capture in Halo Infinite. Our guide tackles the objectives and collectibles that you can find in

Redoubt of Sundering – Halo Infinite – Ep. 5 (PC Heroic Walkthrough)

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Master Chief is humanity’s last chance for survival in an uphill battle against The Banished on the mysterious Zeta Halo! Can we survive their relentless onslaught and keep them from activating the ring?

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Halo Infinite Redoubt of Sundering Collectibles

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In todays video we are showcasing the collectibles including spartan cores, UNSC audio logs and banished audio logs at the Redoubt of Sundering. The redoubt of sundering is a banished prison where they are holding UNSC marines hostage. It is the Master Chiefs mission in the campaign to free them.
There are a lot of hidden collectibles/collectables (depends on your spelling) to get in the redoubt of sundering, so I am helping you locate them quicker!

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Enjoy Spartans!

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Halo infinite Redoubt of Sundering all collectibles locations

There is one audio log out side of the out post straight out the ahead of the base towards the mission u will hear it beeping if you sit in the bottom left corner of the outpost facing the team captains cell


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