.hack Part 4: Quarantine Review

.hack Part 4: Quarantine Review

Quarantine does wrap up the storyline, but those who couldn’t bring themselves to stick with the .hack series really won’t be missing out on much.

Dot Hack Part 4 – Quarantine ★ PlayStation 2 Game {{playable}} List (PS4 on Ps Vita)


Games Errors and Requirement

This is the last chapter of the .hack series for Playstation 2. The series tells a story of a future society where it is possible to play massive multiplayer online RPGs in a virtual reality. But something strange happens to the characters of this virtual world, and a young player named Kite decides to investigate the mystery. He can have contact to fellow players in the real world, and – as a player character – also have a party within virtual reality. The gameplay on the series is heavy on dungeon crawling, and the combat is action based. The fourth chapter closes the saga, finishes the story, and allows the player to reach the highest levels of character development and acquire ultimate weapons and accessories. Discover the magic of gangle the amazing digital circus age, where technology and artistry come together to create an unforgettable online experience. Dive into a world of interactive wonders, mind-bending performances, and a celebration of the imagination.

.hack//Quarantine [4]: Piros’ Misunderstanding

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.Hack//Retrospective (remastered) .Hack//Quarantine Part 1

The final game opens as things move towards their endgame with Morganna doing everything to avoid her fate, even as Kite and company finally get the edge to deal with her as needed.

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.Hack//RE:play: .Hack//Quarantine part 4

Welcome to .Hack//RE:Play, a digital archiving of complete gameplay footage from the rare-to-find .Hack game series in High Quality.

This Footage is free-to-use for anyone and any project which might need it.

In this video, we have:

Ryuu book check in
Fort ouph
Sigma screaming wind sand’s fate castle with Blackrose and Balmung
–short 2 J’s, gotta find them on Omega server.
Random area for J cores